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Today’s independent artist is the CEO of their music career. There are several key members that are needed for their business team. However, securing the services of a good entertainment attorney is usually their #1 priority. Music Industry Gladiators will change the way you think about, evaluate and use entertainment attorneys on your team.

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Answer these five simple questions.

Answer these five simple questions.
1. Are you an artist?
2. Do you write lyrics?
3. Do you compose music?
4. Are you a publishing company?
5. Are you a company that records music for public sale?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then we have to ask ...

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If you are a music writer or publisher, you MUST have your songs filed with the US Copyright Office and Registered with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC in order to effectively protect your music and collect your public performance royalties.

If you are an artist, you must register yourself with Sound Exchange in order to collect your digital performance royalties.

If you are a sound recording copyright owner (typically record labels or independent artists), then you must register with Sound Exchange to collect your digital performance royalties.

If you are a publishing company, you can register with the Harry Fox Agency to help you with issuing mechanical licenses for your songs as well as collecting and distributing your mechanical royalties

Not to mention the many contracts you will need to enter into in order to secure your payment from CD sales, digital download sales, merchandising and licensing. The bottom line is, if you are not in position, it will be difficult for you to collect revenue that is rightfully yours. Our services are to help you protect your music, submit your business questions to our professionals or schedule a consultation from one of our music business consultants. Our services and premium account benefits are designed to help you get into position. Get started with your account today!!!

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PFM Business Service Fees

(Pricing include filing fees and are subject to change.)

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DBS Song Registration

$50 per song

Sound Exchange Registration


Copyright Filing

$165.00 per application
Free ISRC Code with Purchase

BMI Application


BMI Application
(Publisher Sole Proprietor)


BMI Application
(Publisher - Partnership, Corporation, LLC)


ASCAP Application


ASCAP Application


ASCAP Minor or Mail in Application


SESAC Application


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